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Winter Training Resumes...

Friendly reminder on the optional winter training dates remaining...

Thursday EP Slugger U13 group- 1/9, 1/16, 1/23, 1/30, 2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27

Lincoln Cafe Dates U7, U8, U9 Wednesday group-- 1/8, 1/15, 1/22, 1/29, 2/5, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26

Lincoln Cafe Dates U10 T/TR group- Tuesdays ( 1/7, 1/21, 2/4, 2/18) and Thursdays (1/16, 1/30, 2/6 and 2/20)

Jefferson gym dates M/W groups- U11 B/G and U15/U19 Girls
M/W 1/6, 1/8, 1/13, 1/15, 1/22, 1/29, 2/3, 2/5, 2/10, 2/12, 2/19

Friday Lincoln gym U11-13 B/G group -1/ 10, 1/17, 1/24, 1/31, 2/7, 2/14, 2/21 and 2/28


HS Boys ICC training starts tonight!! See dates below... 


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by posted 01/03/2020
2020 Spring Rosters

MPSC Parents -

Before you read through the Spring Rosters for 2020, I wanted to take a quick moment to walk through the process and assure you that we are always looking out for the best interest of your player and the club.  Roster assignment is a very difficult process.  We rely on our coaches to provide their recommended rosters and coaches for each team.  This is reviewed with the Board.  The Board and Coaches come to a consensus to move forward with Spring.  As the Board is made up of parents, we strongly rely on coach recommendations for rosters and do our best to align with those recommendations.

Looking ahead to Spring 2020, there were some difficult decisions on teams based on ages.  As you know, travel soccer age group is based on birth year.  So, we align teams based on birth year but also understand that some players are very capable of playing up with older groups.  As we look ahead to the Spring, we will look to leverage opportunities for these players to play up and with their age group by scheduling alternating tournaments.  

I look forward to another strong season for MPSC.  We will be scheduling an All Club informational meeting in February/March along with coach/parent meetings.


Jason Albers

MPSC President 


2020 Spring Rosters:


High School Boys - 2 Teams...Varsity (U19) & JV (U16)
Varsity Coaches - Oz & Matej (assistant)
JV Coaches - Adrian/Tibor


Last Name First Name
Nauman Alec
Fontana Lucas
Walden Jacob (Cooper)
Pollard Adam
Serrurier Charles
Floyd Logan
Hart Justin
Shoemaker Max
Bakirdan Mustafa
Loudermilk Conner
Dluski Austin
Gibson Blake
Pleasants Michael
Stoops Caleb
Almasy Jamison
Bencher Ayden
Blake Jacoby
Davila Jonny
Downes Jared
Hillyard Connor
Kasture Devdatta
McLauchlan Ian
Short Sox
Sinclair Nathan
Staker Braden
Zehr Ryan
Hauter Bryce
Damotte Braden
Kottabbi Connor
Gravitt Collin
Powers Kai
Price Issac
Kaufmann Beau
Vo Kevin


- The teams will be divided by Coach Oz based on age & skillset.  Younger players can potentially play both JV & Varsity.

- Teams will train at same time and take advantage of all coaches


U15 Girls - 2005/2006
Coaches - Hassan & Rafael (Assistant)
Last Name First Name
Akers Arlie
Epkins Hannah
Gardner Courtney
Kaiser Lola
Quintero Brenda
Bruner Ava
Dellinger Alexa
Farrell Jorja
Gallagher Brynn
Harris Madison
McNaught Abby
Stephens Lily
Utsinger Lily
Utsinger Lacy 


* Opportunity to play as 2006 team with "trapped players"

* Opportunity for 2007 Girls to play up with 2005/2006 Girls


U13 Girls - 2007  
Coaches - Zoran & PJ Blackford (Assistant)
Last Name First Name
Canchola Karen
Daly Hannah
Dea Addison
Erickson Izabella
Hellinga Molly
Jimenz Nicolle
Kaiser Tillie
Kormah Zoe
Laufenberg Julia
Magnuson Caitlin
Matlock Addison
McMorris Sadie
Mutchler Dru
O'Donnell  Riley
Price Isla
Sell Katie
Strube Harper
Meritt-Ahanda Ella 


* Opportunity for 2008 Girls to play up with 2007 Girls


U13 Boys - 2007/2008
Coaches - Zoran & Kyle Boerke (Assistant)
Last Name First Name
Aguirre Thomas
Almasy Tyus
Bimrose Will
Boerke Landon
Brown Alex
Corona Julian
Grunow Beau
Harris Christian
LeMasters Alex
LeTouneau Troy
Mwilambwe Jonah
Opper Andrew
Rayford Kaden
Clementz Cain
D'Alfonso Will
Dea Harrison
Greene Landon
Hopper Chase
Houchin Gabe
Rickgauer Andrew
Rogers Jude
Kormah Braylon


* Coach Zoran will determine 07/08 roster for U13 Tournaments

* Some 2008 Boys will likely play 2 tournaments with 2009 Boys (U12).


U12 Girls - 2008  
Coach - Hassan  
Last Name First Name
Blake Addison
Brubaker Ruby
Dally Parker
DeSutter Eve
Durbin Ella
Farney Bre
Gundy Lauren
Minassian Keira
Muniz Allee
Nightingale Harper
Reynolds Delaney
Rosales Marley
Saving Olivia
Simmons Elly
Tisdale Kelsey


U11 Girls - 2009  
Coach - Oz  
Last Name First Name
Albers Keaton
Dentino Ava
Dickerson Riley
Doran Claire
DuPage Autumn
Greiner Madison
Hornsby Alaina
McCully Maya
Rassi Kaylee
Ripka Izzy
Rumler Anna
Smith Morgan
Sullivan Hadley
VanMeenen Abby
Gannaway Rowan




U11 Boys Cherry - 2009
Coaches - Oz and Mustafa (Assistant) and Cooper (Assistant)
Last Name First Name
Anders Jon
Anders Joe
Doran Jax
Engel Caleb
Griffin Parker
Harris Noah
Kemp Colin
Martin Crew
Miller Maximilian
Nestrud Max
Opel Eli
Strickland Zion
Yoches Collin
Albers Turner
U11 Boys Grey - 2009
Coach Jose  
Last Name First Name
Farney Dennis
Hoyland Jack
Null Wyatt
Porter Cash
Roosa Max
Soderstrom Nicholas
Thurman Kipten
Vallar Dominic
Hoeft Tomas


* 2 Teams will train together.  2 assistant coaches are available help with both teams.

* Alternating tournaments will be scheduled to enable guest play for Grey Team


U10 Girls - 2010  
Coach - Matej  


Last Name First Name
Dorgan Chloe
Foster Penny
Galligan Aibgail
Kellington Olivia
Lamkey Kaitlyn
Matlock Caitlyn
McLeod Audrey
Miller Sierra
Mordhorst Addison
Nielsen Mayah
Perhay Teagan
Rosales Gabby
Sammis Olivia
Tisdale Kylie

U10 Boys - 2010  
Coach - Rafael  
Last Name First Name
Canchola Luciano
Dentino Kordel
Gray Gaige
Harper Joseph
Kaiser Milo
Rayford Ethan
Robinson Andrew
Scime Drew
Seneca Thomas
Smith Blake
Snell Lawson
Stephens Hunter
Westbrook Benson
Williams Aidan


U9 Girls - 2011  
Coach - Javier  
Last Name First Name
Berg Campbell
Bimrose Ainsley
Board Brooklyn
Caldera Addison
Coontz Mya
Dalfonso Amelia
Dally Avery
McManus Macie
Taylor Maci
Unruh Taycie
Zimmerman Adalyn
VanMeenen Alyssa 


U9 Boys Cherry - 2011
Coach - Javier  
Last Name First Name
Dick Zeelan
Holmgren Kyle
Maison NyameEnyi
Porter Maks
Selke Gavin
Silotto Zabe
Volpert Ben
Albers Nixon
Blake Landon


U9 Boys Grey - 2011/12
Coach - Jared  
Last Name First Name
Berlett Cody
Crawford Carter
Gashaw Dylan
Kaufmann Liam
Richrath Zenek
Wilson Easton
Greene Miles
Kraft Hayes
Nightingale Brady


U8 Boys - 2012  
Coach - Jose  
Last Name First Name
Doehrmann Cade
Lamirand Mason
Mentzer Maddox
Mordhorst Noah
Perhay Tucker
Rassi Kyptin


U7/U8 Girls - 2012/2013
Coach - Charis Short & Kenzie Cupi
Last Name First Name
Gropp Josey
Khouri Neva
Rumler Grace
White Collins
Bakirdan Eliz
Dally Taylor
Farmer Jazzlyn
Khouri Emily
Melaga Eden
Seneca Kate
White Kara
Cross Juliette

* Girls will be divided into 2 teams for League & Tournament Play


U7 Boys - 2013  
Coach - Jose  
Last Name First Name
Caldera Parker
Griffin Owen
McCully Dylan
Taylor Owen
Zobrist Harrison
Smith Elijah



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Pumpkin Classic 2017

by posted 04/23/2018

by posted 04/23/2018
Pumpkin Classic
US Club Sanctioned

McClallen Park

THANK YOU to all teams and volunteers that made the 2019 Pumpkin Classic a success!

Please send any feedback to 


We look forward to seeing you back at the 2020 Morton Pumpkin Classic Tournament next September! 

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