Morton Premier Soccer

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Tournament Rules Morton Premier Pumpkin Classic 2019

A. Laws of the Game 
Except as noted below, we will conduct all games according to the FIFA Laws of the Game. 

B. Player Eligibility 
As outlined in the application and acceptance packages, the following USYSA age (for 2019-2020)
divisions apply:

Age Groups Roster Size Length of

Games Sides Ball Size Offside
U7 – Born in 2013 12 4 x 10 mins 4 v 4 (No GK)* 4 No
U8 – Born in 2012 12 4 x 10 mins 4 v 4 (No GK)* 4 No
U9 – Born in 2011 12 2 x 25 mins 7 v 7 4 Yes**
U10 – Born in 2010 12 2 x 25 mins 7 v 7 4 Yes**
U11 – Born in 2009 16 2 x 25 mins 9 v 9 4 Yes
U12 – Born in 2008 16 2 x 25 mins 9 v 9 4 Yes
U13 – Born in 2007 18 2 x 30 mins 11 v 11 5 Yes
U14 – Born in 2006 18 2 x 30 mins 11 v 11 5 Yes
U15 – Born in 2005 22 (18

Dressed) 2 x 35 mins 11 v 11 5 Yes

U16 – Born in 2004 22 (18

Dressed) 2 x 35 mins 11 v 11 5 Yes

U17 – Born in 2003 22 (18

Dressed) 2 x 35 mins 11 v 11 5 Yes

U18 – Born in 2002 22 (18

Dressed) 2 x 35 mins 11 v 11 5 Yes

U19 – Born in 2001 22 (18

Dressed) 2 x 35 mins 11 v 11 5 Yes

* U7 and U8 4 v 4 formats, all free kicks are indirect and there are no penalty kicks. Kick offs, free
kicks, throw-ins and corner kicks are used to restart play when the ball goes out of bounds or into
the goal.  
In order to maximize the experience of all our youth players during our 4v4 tournament games, no
players will be allowed to defend inside the box outlined just outside both goals on the 4v4
fields. Goal box size 3 yards from each goal post and 3 yards out into the field of play. 
Players can move through the box without the ball, but no player either defense or offense may enter
the box to make a play on the ball. If this occurs during a match and the defensive team plays the
ball, the opposing team will be awarded a penalty kick from the halfway line. If the offensive team
plays the ball, the result will be a goal kick to the defending team.  
** U9 and U10 7 v 7 formats, offside will only be penalized between the build out line and goal line.

C. Team Eligibility 
A team may roster a maximum of four guest players. A team may not change its roster after
submitting paperwork to tournament staff for on-site check in of pass cards and rosters. The
following are the requirements for registration which MUST be uploaded electronically (some of this
may be submitted early): 
1. A current Player Pass for each player. 
2. Copy of current state approved roster on file with Tournament Registrar. 
3. Tournament roster signed. 
4. Signed and dated medical waiver form -- US Club or IYSA. 
5. Guest players must have the same information to register (guest player form completed for

6. Teams from outside Illinois must present an approved "application to travel" from their
home state's USYSA affiliate. 
‚ÄčNo player may play for more than one team during the tournament. If this takes place, the following
consequences will occur: 
The team that the player is not tournament rostered and state rostered for during the registration
process will be allowed to play (this allows their future opponents to still have a team to play
against), but will have ALL of their previously played games and future games in this tournament
marked as forfeited in the standings as a 0-4 loss despite the actual score of the games. No team
breaking the rules will be in contention for a 1st or 2nd place trophy. The player that played for
multiple teams will not be disqualified from the tournament, but will be asked to play only for the
team he/she is tournament rostered for. The team the player was illegally rostered with will lose the
disqualified player for the remainder of the tournament. No punishment will be dealt to the team that
properly rostered and registered the player with their team (example: taking forfeit for their previously
played games.)

D. Duration of Game 
All match durations shall be based on age division (see table in Player Eligibility). All games will be
running time. There will be a maximum of 5 minutes between quarters/halves. The referee will not
stop the clock except for serious injury. The tournament committee reserves the right to alter game
length due to weather, injuries, or other delays. The first team on the schedule is the home team.
The visiting team will kick-off, and the home team will have the choice of side.   

E. Build Out Line 
U7 and U8 4v4 formats will utilize a build out line.  On a goal kick, all opposing players must move
behind the halfway line (the build out line). After the ball is put into play and the player receiving the
ball touches it, the opposing players can cross the halfway line and play resumes as normal.
U9 and U10 7v7 formats will utilize build out lines. When the goalkeeper has the ball, either during
play (receiving the ball from an opponent) or from a goal kick, all opposing players must move
behind the build out line until the ball is put into play. Once all opposing players are behind the build
out line, the goal keeper can pass, throw or roll the ball into play (punting and drop kicks are not
allowed). After the goalkeeper puts the ball into play and after the player receiving the ball touches it,
the opposing players can cross the build out line and play resumes as normal.  
The goalkeeper is not allowed to punt or drop kick the ball. If a goalkeeper punts or drop kicks the
ball, Referees may punish the infraction with an indirect free kick to the opposing team at the spot of
the offense.  
The build out line will also be used to denote where offside can be called. In other words, a player
will only be penalized for being in an offside position when between the build out line and goal line.
Players cannot be penalized for an offside between the halfway line and build out line.

F. Substitutions 
All teams may substitute without limitation during the game. Teams playing in the U7 and U8 4 v 4
formats are allowed to substitute at any time during the game (i.e. on the fly). All other
formats, teams may substitute on any goal kick, kick-off or on a throw-in when their team has
possession of the ball. If both teams have substitutes waiting on a throw-in, both teams will be
allowed to substitute regardless of possession of the ball. A player may leave and reenter the

G. Heading 
In accordance with US Soccer, heading the ball is now banned for players aged 10 and under.
Purposefully heading the ball in all age groups U11 and below will result in an indirect free kick for
the opposing team.  

H. Ejection 
Any player or coach ejected from a game will be ineligible to participate at a minimum in that team's
next game. The coach will also not be eligible to participate in any game until after they serve their
game suspension related to the original team. A team may not substitute for an ejected player.
Anyone fighting will be ejected from further tournament participation. Player cards will be retained by

the tournament for coaches or players that become ineligible to participate due to ejection. The
cards will be returned to the team after the coach or player serves their suspension.  

I. Forfeits 
A minimum of three players constitutes a team for 4 v 4, five players for 7 v 7, six players for 9 v 9
and seven players for 11 v 11. A team must begin play if the minimum number of players are present
at game start time. After the expiration of a ten-minute grace period, the Tournament will declare a
forfeit. The Tournament will score the game 3 to 0, and the winning team will get 3 points. The
Tournament Committee may eliminate a team forfeiting a game from further participation in the
tournament. The Committee will review each situation individually.  

J. Uniforms and Equipment 
All players must wear shin guards. A player must wear his or her socks in a manner that completely
covers the shin guards. Each player on the team must wear the same team uniform. In the case of
similar uniforms, the Referee may instruct the designated home team to change uniforms. The
designated home team will provide the game ball. 

K. Player, Coach, Parent, Spectator Conduct 
Coaches are responsible for the conduct of players, parents, coaches, and spectators at the field,
hotel, or other locations for the duration of the tournament. If MPSC receives complaints regarding
the conduct of any player or person associated with your team, the Tournament Committee may ask
any and or all people to leave the tournament. In addition, the Tournament Committee reserves the
right to ask a team to leave the tournament, declare any remaining games a forfeit, and may bar a
team from future participation in our tournament. 
Both teams, including their coaches, shall be on the same side of the field. All other people must be
on the opposite side of the field. The Tournament Director believes that an argument between
parents and supporters of opposing teams is completely inappropriate conduct for adults.
Accordingly, MPSC encourages the parents and supporters of each team to stay on the half of the
field opposite of their team and to limit their comments to support for their players. Making
derogatory remarks about or to referees, opposing teams or their supporters shall be grounds for
dismissal from the Complex. The Referee will ask anyone standing at the goal ends of the field to
move. Coaches must remain with their team. We request that all coaches refrain from coaching on
the spectator's side of the field. 
During youth soccer events, the Morton Park District and MPSC strictly prohibit alcohol and smoking
at their facilities. Possession of alcohol on complex grounds will cause immediate dismissal from the
park and the potential for arrest by the Morton Police Department. Any player, coach, parent, or
spectator caught fighting will be ejected from the remainder of the tournament. 
Dogs are not allowed in the park.

L. Preliminary Round 
We will divide age divisions with six, eight, or ten teams into two groups. Generally, teams with the
most points in each group will qualify for semifinals. However, we reserve the right to schedule only
a final game for any group. 
Any age division with less than 6 teams will play a round robin schedule. We will determine the final
standings, and award first and second place on points earned during the round robin games.  

M. Points 
In the preliminary games, each victory (forfeit) are worth three (3) points and each tie is worth one
(1) point. Teams do not earn any points for a loss. If there is a tie in the round robin or preliminary
round standings, the Tournament Committee will use the following procedure to determine group
winners, wild card teams, and final standings for round robin play: 
1. Head to head competition. The winner of the game, if any, played between the tied teams.
However, if more than two teams are tied, then head-to-head competition will NOT be used for any
purpose in determining tie breakers.
2. Most wins 
3. Best goal differential for all games (the maximum goal differential is 4 per game) 
4. Fewest goals allowed 
5. Most goals scored for a team (up to 4 goals per game). 

6. Penalty shots, according to the procedures described in the "overtime" section of the rules.

N. Overtime 
For the U7 and U8 4 v 4 formats, if there is a tie at the end of regulation time in a semifinal or final
round game, then the teams will determine the winner as follows: 
1. Teams will go through one round of regular penalty shot procedures with five (5) players shooting
for each time. The penalty shot will be taken from the center mark at midfield. All players can
participate in the penalty shots. 
2. If the game is still tied at the conclusion of the first round of penalty kicks, then the teams will go to
sudden victory penalty shot procedures.
For all other formats, if there is a tie at the end of regulation time in a semifinal or final round game,
then the teams will determine the winner as follows: 
1. The teams will play 2 overtime periods of 5 minutes each.  There will be no golden goal. There will
be no coaching time between periods. The visiting team will kick-off and the home team will have
choice of the side. 
2. If still tied, then the teams will go through one round of regular penalty shot procedures with five
(5) players shooting for each team.  These players must come from the players that are on the field
at the end of the last overtime period.
3. If the game is still tied at the conclusion of the first round of penalty kicks, then the teams will
select 5 additional players to go to sudden victory penalty shot procedures.  These players can be
any player on the team except for the five (5) who took the penalty kicks in the first round.

O. Awards (Team & Individual)
Morton Premier SC will award a team trophy (First Place) and individual player medals to the first
and second place finishers U7-U19.  An individual participation medal will be awarded to all other
placement for U7-U8. 

P. Protest 
In order to file a protest, a team's head coach must present its protest in writing to the Tournament
Headquarters within one hour of the completion of the game. A Referee's judgment is not a basis for
protest. The Tournament Committee's decisions and or interpretations are final. There will be a
protest fee of $100 that is only refundable if the team wins the protest. 

Q. Complaints 
Complaints to the tournament committee/staff will only be heard when presented by the coach of the
affected team along with a team manager or assistant coach. There must be two Representatives
from the team. 

R. Rain Policies/Act of nature cancellation 
The tournament committee reserves the right to:
1. Reschedule, relocate or terminate games due to weather conditions. If ½ of the game has been
played before termination for weather conditions or tournament director decision, the game stands
as a completed match and is scored accordingly. NOTE: The Referee Assignor or Tournament
Director may suspend a game without necessarily being terminated.
2. Reduce by up to half, the duration of the game.
3. Cancel a preliminary game that has no bearing in deciding the group winner.
4. Decide the final tournament standings, trophy winners.
5. Move penalty kicks to another field or area in order not to hold up other games. The tournament
director has the right to change any of these rules or make a decision that would be in the best
interest of the participants.
Neither the Tournament Committee nor Morton Premier Soccer Club are responsible for any
expenses incurred by any team in the event games are discontinued or canceled due to inclement
weather or adverse field conditions.

No refunds will be made unless the tournament is cancelled, in which case refunds will be disbursed
on a pro-rata basis with a full refund if the event is cancelled before it starts. If the tournament is
cancelled due to an ‘” act of nature”, the tournament has the option of retaining 20% of the team
entry fee. The tournament Committee reserves the right to decide all matters pertaining to the
tournament, and the judgment is final.