Morton Premier Soccer

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Summer Camps/ID camps for players interested in College play. (Google for more info. and check back for more updates!)
*ICC women's assistant coach Brian Newman (Assistant Coach U16) will also be holding a parent info meeting to help guide parents through the player ID process) later in the season. More info to come. 
D1 schools
U of I                                                      July 6, 2017
                                                                    July 21-23, 2017

Illinois State                                               July 15, 2017

Loyola-Chicago                                          July 29-30, 2017                                          
Northern Illinois                                           July 15, 2017

Northwestern                                           June 28-29 & 30, 2017

SIU-Edwardsville                                      July 9, 2017

Western Illinois                                        none posted
U of I- 7/13 ID camp in Naperville
        - 7/21-7/23 Residential camp in champaign
Northern- 7/10-7/12 residential camp
D2 schools
Quincy University- 7/29- ID camp
D3 schools
Augustana- 7/14 ID camp
University of Chicago - 8/4-8/5 (not residential)
Greenville- 7/12-7/15 residential camp
Illinois Wesleyan 8/12- ID camp
Millikin 8/5- ID Camp
Monmouth 8/7- ID camp (10-12 grades only)